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For Artists & Brands

Our mission is protect humanity from junk products. We celebrate real art.

For Brands

Whether you run your own business or are responsible for promoting your employers brand we have a number of scenarios that cover different needs. We can provide you with fully personalised, designed to promote your company product that will incorporate your company's logo or any other image or slogan that is associated with your business. Contact us for more information and price lists.

Just a few of the great brands that trust us:
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For Artists

We are waiting for your projects. We give you access to a wide range of the highest quality products that are just waiting for you designs making them even more amazing. We coordinate everything from printing and shipping, up to customer service, which gives you more time to concentrate on creating art and graphic designs. According to the table below, you will be granted a payment on every item sold of the value of 10% of the final price of the product.

Skins & Cases

iPhone & Samsung Cases 2,20 $ to 2,80 $
Mobile Device Skins 1,10 $ to 1,40 $
iPad Skins 1,60 $ to 2,20 $
Mac & PC Laptop Skins 2,80 $
Gaming Skins 4,20 $


Laminated stickers 0,10 $ to 0,70 $

Home and office accessories

Mugs 1,20 $
Mouse Pads 1,00 $

Graphic requirements

Below you will find the minimum requirements for our products. It is possible that to achieve exactly the dimensions below, you will need to trim the original file (if it's in high resolution). However, to not increase the size in the program for editing photos,because it will affect the quality of the products.

iPhone & Samsung Cases 1400 x 2500 px
Mobile Phone Skins 1200 x 2200 px
iPad Skins 2200 x 3100 px
Gaming & Laptop Skins 4200 x 3000 px
Laminated stickers 1200 x 1200 px
Mugs 3000 x 1200 px
Mouse Pads 2800 x 2400 px

Monitor your payment

If one of the products with your graphic design is purchased, we produce, pack and dispatch it to the customer. Your payment will be granted on the 1st of each month by PayPal or on a bank account - with a 30 days from the date of dispatching the products to the customer. Which is due to the consumer's right to return the purchased product. For example: if we sell something on January 10, the consumer's right to the return the product is due on February 10, so you will receive payment on March 1.

You control the rights to your work

What's yours is yours! After sending us the graphics, you control the rights to them . It's up to you on which products you want to put your work on and for what period of time they will be available. You can resign at any time. It's as simple as that.

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