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Graphic Skins

Precision fit | 0.20 mm thick | 3M Materials

LG Skins
HTC Skins
MacBook & Laptop PC Skins

Graphic skins

Skins are extreme durable

Made from 3M premium automotive-grade cast vinyl, the same material used on vehicles and sides of city buses. This stuff lasts!


If you get tired of your skin or want a new one, just peel it off. Our special adhesive won't leave any goo or residue.


They measure just 5 mil thin (or five-thousandths of an inch 0.005), which makes them super lightweight!


If you can put a bumper sticker on your car, you can install a skin. Our skins also have a channeled adhesive that prevents air bubbles.

Protect and personalise your devices

Our graphic skins are made of the world class 3M materials and with highest detail resolution to ensure that we provide you with the product that it is bee's-knees. We always strive to deliver the best solutions that not just protect your devices but make them look outstanding. If you are reading this you have already made the right decision of making your device look amazing and ensuring that is fully protected from scratches, greasy marks or fingerprints and gives better grip at the same time. Choose one or more from a variety of available skins for your iPhone, Samsung or iPad and see for yourself what we are taking about here.

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